Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Genesis VII

Did it surprise you to find that Abraham remarried -- and had SIX more sons? First he didn't have any children until he was about 100... Well, one just never knows how all this works. It sure is a good thing that God is in control of it all because it sure seems unfathomable to me...

Chapter 25 has the story of Jacob and Esau, when Esau sold his birthright. I am stunned! In my memory banks, this is a BIG story. But it only takes up a few sentences. I know it is not finished until the blessing, when Jacob deceives his father, but it just surprises me. Hmmm. Makes me wonder -- after all, as I said before, I just read Genesis last summer!

The deceiving of Isaac happens in chapter 27. I cannot believe that Rebekah was so unwilling for Esau to get Isaac's blessing! And then when Esau comes, right after Jacob has received the blessing, he is such a pitiful specimen, at least in some ways. He begs his father for a blessing -- any blessing! When at first he doesn't get one, he weeps. Finally, Isaac gives him a blessing, but it is a blessing that has spikes.

But you know, we are only human. How many of us would have cherished the blessing of Isaac? What would we have done to get it? That's the thing -- we don't really know. What we do know is that God uses us, with all our follies and foibles. Pretty cool!

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