Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A final word on Genesis...

Did you finish reading Genesis? If you did, you will know that Bible reading is not for the faint of heart! Such things we find there. The overwhelming concept for me, though, is that these people are completely human, yet God uses them. They are not perfect or somehow more able than other people. They would likely be our friends.

The other thing is that it is God who judges, not the people. That was a good reminder to me. God IS merciful. God IS steadfast (can you believe that, after all the things those people did???). God LOVES them without question, without strings attached -- we call that unconditional. So, I think God is AMAZING for being willing to love them and, by extension, us.

Look at chapter 50, when Jacob is blessing his sons. Jacob knew each of them in his heart and was willing to bless them according to their talents. I am sure that God gave Jacob the words to know how to bless them. Made me think a bit: how is it that we do not give blessings to our children today? Do we listen for the words of blessing God gives us? Maybe we need to open our ears, as well as our eyes and our hearts. I am sure God has a word for us today....

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