Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Genesis IV

Well, well, well. As I am reading now the story of Abram (he isn't yet Abraham), I am seeing that God simply uses people as they are - we don't have to be perfect. I mean, really, going into Egypt because there is a famine, but telling Sarai, his wife, to say she was his sister. Then Pharaoh took a liking to her and all of a sudden plagues come upon his household! So God up and tells Pharaoh that Abram didn't tell him the truth so he kicks Abram and Sarai (and all their stuff) right out of Egypt! But God continues to use Abram anyway..... So maybe we are "good enough" to be used by God too.

But I also got to thinking. Wherever Abram settled, he built "an altar to the Lord." What does that mean for me - for us? I don't think I have an altar to the Lord in my house. Is this really just more a place to go to remember all that God has done? Hmmm.... I wonder if there is something to this creating a space for God.... I am just thinking here, you realize. Would it have to be a formal place? Could it just be that I keep my Bible with my recliner? Is it enough to just pray before I go to bed? I don't know. Seems like maybe I could think about this some more, for myself....

Have a GREAT day!

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