Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On the way!

We left Vermillion just before 10 PM on Sunday, the 19th. We are traveling with kids from Viborg, Harrisburg, and Mobridge. It is quite an experience! The kids have been great. It is a long trip....

Our first stop was Six Flags St Louis. It was a fun day! It was Monday, when the attendance was pretty low so that there wasn't a long wait for the rides and everybody got to do what they wanted. The kids have been pretty excited talking about what they did and what they saw. We did have some exciting moments when it came time to leave the park and 2 of the kids were missing. We had been calling and texting them, knowing that one phone was out of juice. They found us, about a half hour late. As we said though, all is well that ends well!

But you know, sleeping on the bus wasn't the easiest thing. Some of our kids have pretty long legs and there wasn't much room in the seats..... We did stop every 2 hours along the way, which was both good and bad. So last night they slept pretty well -- and we adult leaders did too! It was a much easier day today.

Of course, all was not smooth. We got going and barely left when it started to rain. A few times it was really quite a downpour! We saw a couple of accidents. Then we lost about a half hour going through construction. So getting to our hotel in Ridgeland, MS took longer than we expected! The kids were really ready to get off the bus.

We have all eaten now and it is past our curfew time. I will try to put up some pictures later. We will get to New Orleans a little past noon tomorrow. Our first session starts at 6 PM! Pray for us as we travel and as we begin our adventure in New Orleans.

Until later....

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