Saturday, February 7, 2009

Back home, but...

We made it home on Wednesday, Feb. 4th. But that day, shortly after we left Sarah and George's, Avery was admitted to the hospital with bronchiolitis, caused by RSV, a respiratory virus. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't eat -- her lips were purple. Tuesday she had a stuffy nose and had been at the dr; 24 hours later she had lost 7 oz. It is tough. Thursday she was moved to Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital for a higher level of care. She was on oxygen, IV, and had mega-suctioning going on. As of now, as far as I know, the IV has been removed. They can go home when she has gone 24 hours without IV, oxygen, or suctioning. So the time is not yet... Sarah is tired and wants to go home but won't leave Avery. Abby has come to the hospital but they have not let her see Avery. She gives her mommy LONG hugs every time they come up. She has been staying with George's folks, who live just a couple of miles away from Sarah and George. It is hard to be here, so far from what is happening. But we are confident that each day Avery is stronger and more able to cope. We look forward to hearing that they can go home. In the meantime, we are praying like crazy!

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