Monday, February 9, 2009

Avery update

It is hard being this far away from family, especially when they are in distress. The good news is that yesterday they cut Avery's oxygen level from 100% to 55%. This means that part of the breathing is being done by Avery. I am sure that over the next few days they will be weaning her off the ventilator. That will mean she will be less sedated too. She did open her eyes yesterday.

Abby was able to go and see Avery yesterday. She was a little frightened by all the apparatus, but said, "Shh, baby sleeping. Hi baby!" Sarah said the staff was fabulous with her, even giving her a beanie baby and a couple of other toys that she can keep. We will certainly be giving back to the hospital after Avery comes home.

Avery is still being suctioned. She is so little that I have no idea where all the junk is coming from! The most frightening thing, for me, is that she has some of what the doctors call stiffening, which is a sign of possible brain damage. We are hoping and praying that all will be well but sometimes things seem bleak.

Another good thing is that George does not have to go back to work today. He got word from the owner of the company for which he works that he can take the time he needs. I wish all employers were like this! I, for one, am SO thankful. I know that it takes a lot of pressure off of both of them.

So, while our little Avery is not really out of the woods yet, she is still fighting. And we are still praying mightily.....

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